The PullOpen® Caravan Handle System

'Baldacci really is the only handle system to use in a caravan or motorhome'

The PullOpen® innovation created by Baldacci has revolutionised the interiors of caravans and improved the experience for many caravanners worldwide.

Why should my caravan have Baldacci PullOpen® Handles?

Caravans & Motorhomes require something a little more than just a cabinet handle to grip & pull a cabinet door open with. A caravan handle needs to be functional in every sense of the word. Not only does it need to assist with opening the door but also keeping the door closed & locked when you are on the road, travelling. Ideally, this opening/closing & locking all needs to happen with no extra motion, no, locking, closing, pulling, pushing or turning.

The PullOpen® System, does exactly this. In the one motion gripping & opening the door (as you would with house cabinetry) the door unlocks & opens. Close the door (as you would with house cabinetry) the Baldacci PullOpen® System locks the cabinet or drawer closed ready to travel at any time.

The Baldacci PullOpen® is the most advanced opening/ closing system available for recreational vechiles.

In times gone by systems such as push locks or gripper catches have been used thoughout the caravan industry, which have their time & place. However with this innovative handle system designed & manufactured in Italy, there is no longer the need for these.

No longer do caravaneers need to diligently check all the cupboard doors & drawers are locked before hitting the road.

Some call it positive lock handles, others lock & latch handles but at Baldacci we call it the PullOpen® Handle System. As the name would suggest, the beauty of the Baldacci Handle system is that it enables you to Pull Open in one swift motion of reaching for the handle. In the same motion of pulling a drawer open exactly like you would in a house kitchen, the door unlocks and opens.

And when your done... it simply latches closed again ready for you to hit the road. Locked, Loaded & Secure.

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