Brand Guidelines & Downloads

Do use Baldacci Handles & Accessories in your Caravans, RV & Motorhomes like many other legendary caravan manufactures?

This page includes all the marketing & information you need to include the Baldacci brand on your website, in your manufacturing & marketing specifications. You’re providing the best quality handle & latching system and Italian made at that, to both your dealers & ultimately Australian Caravan Owners. So why not educate them on the Quality Italian made Caravan PullOpen Handles that they’ll get when they purchase one of your RV / caravans!

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Baldacci, “The best keep secret of the Australian retail Caravan industry”

Let your customers in on the secret - you use the best lock & latch handles available

Follow these requirements so our logo always looks it’s best.

Using the Baldacci Logo

Logo Variations

The Baldacci logo should only be used in the colour variations shown here & above.

The reversed versions of the Baldacci logo should only be used on a solid background of Baldacci blue or black as outlined in our brand colour palette below.

Scale & Clearspace

Sufficient clear space around the logo ensures that our brand always has room to breathe.

Following the minimum size guidelines ensures that the logo is always recognisable and legible, wherever it’s being placed.


The examples here show how the Baldacci icon can be used as a separate brand element, when space is restrictive.

Brand Colour Palette

Our primary brand colour is black. The secondary palette of deep blue,
grey & of course white can beused to add highlights and accents to Baldacci Australia’s brand collateral.

Primary Brand Colour
CMYK 100 | 100 | 100 | 100
RGB 0 | 0 | 0
Web #000000
Pantone Black 6 C

Secondary Brand Colours
CMYK 100 | 86 | 18 | 4
RGB 2 | 63 | 136
Web #083F88
Pantone 7687 C

CMYK 0 | 0 | 0 | 63
RGB 123 | 124 | 127
Web #5e5e5e
Pantone Cool Gray 10 C

Brand Font

The font ‘Times Ten Cyr Upright’ has been chosen as our brand font for its suitability for feature headings in
both print and digital applications.

As a secondary font for body text, ‘Neusa Next’ can be used.

These fonts are to be used consistently across all Baldacci Australia brand collateral.

Download Baldacci Logo & Guidelines

On each product page on the Baldacci website, you will also find a download,
small blurb & further details that will be of interest to potential caravan owners that can be included in your marketing.

Please remember to link the website when using Baldacci branding online and to tag us in on social media.

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